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Last week was the Humber Business Week and it was fantastic to get involved!
We are excited to be getting involved with the Humber Business Week!
The past few weeks have been so busy! We have had pitching sessions at all of our angelgroups locations
We are introducing a new product that puts your business in front of Angels without pitching. Sound like something you might…
April was such a great month with two angel investments being concluded. With angel groups in Hull, Leeds and Sheffield
Over the past few months we have been running 3 Angel groups across the Leeds, Humber and Sheffield City Regions.
We are nearing the end of March and have already had 7 pitching sessions so far this year.
Yes, then we have great news as today we launch a new product to get your business in front of…
Our Sheffield City Region group met last month for the first event in the area.
We are 2 weeks into 2017 and are so excited to get our first pitching sessions of the year underway.
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