The right funding from the right source with the right terms are critical to successful business growth, yet many organisations fail to get in front of the right funder because they aren’t ready.

Financial Pulse are a training provider who support ambitious businesses grasp the opportunity of growth and help make them prepare for their funder of choice through financial training.

Now we appreciate that depending where you are on your business lifecycle you may have a different challenge.  For this reason we have developed four training courses as part of a MasterClass (MC) series, including:

  • MC1 - Pitching for angel investment
  • MC2 – Fundable business propositions
  • MC3 - Understand what funders are looking for an how to pitch to different ones
  • MC4 - How to create and manage a three-year financial forecast and integrated balance sheet.

We provide our training courses for individuals, groups of individuals or specific companies.

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